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The Opti-Direct Solution
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Opti-Direct Ignition System

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The Delteq Opti-Direct Solution

The Delteq Opti-Direct system solves most of the LT1's Opti-Spark problems by converting to a distributorless system similar to that used on the Cadillac Northstar engines. With high voltage removed from the Opti-Spark, the problems of cap & rotor wear, internal arc-over and cross-firing vanish. The rotor can be removed, preventing the problem of high RPM rotor failure, seen on many race applications.

The distributorless system consists of four high-output ignition coils, each firing two spark plugs. The four-coil system is able to produce longer charging time than a single coil system, even at high engine speeds, which means more energy to the plugs when it's needed most. The system is well-proven in its Northstar application with a stock redline of 6500 RPM and a recommended tune-up interval of 100,000 miles!

The Opti-Direct system is easy to install. Every kit is 100% plug & play, so no cutting, splicing or fabrication is required. Each application is custom-designed for a specific vehicle, so it's a perfect fit every time.

Included with the Opti-Direct system are:

  • Delteq Opti-Box (the "brain")
  • Plug & play wiring harnesses
  • New Delphi ignition module with 4 coils (the "coilpack")
  • Application-specific brackets
  • Custom 8mm double-silicone spark plug wires
  • Labels for coils and spark plug wires to aid proper connection
  • All stainless steel fasteners (No rust!)
  • Detailed instruction manual
  • Experienced "driveway mechanics" should be able to install the basic system in an hour, plus the time required to run the new plug wires.

    Opti-Direct Requirements

    The Opti-Direct (and every LT1 ignition system) uses the Opti-Spark sensors to determine crankshaft position and calculate the spark timing. Therefore, any Opti-Spark-related trouble codes must be resolved before installing the Opti-Direct. Unfortunately, this sometimes requires Opti-Spark replacement at additional cost.  On the good side, Opti's seem to last longer without all that high voltage running through them.

    Delteq offers a one-year limited warranty on ALL parts of the Opti-Direct Ignition System. The Opti-Direct Ignition System has been submitted for CARB approval.

    Download Opti-Direct Manuals Here